2013 Shubin April Fest (8th-28th)

By Shubin Theatre (other events)

19 Dates Through Apr 28, 2013

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  • MON Apr 8: Festival opens! Monday Night Monologues. Denise opens, followed by The Voice of the Young....Monologues for Young People Tix>
  • THU Apr 11:Ed Shockley night!>
  • FRI Apr 12:Star In Your Own Play 1, 2, 3 >
  • SAT Apr 13: Short stories: Baby Boys; Mamas, don't let them grow up to be… #1 >
  • SUN Apr 14, 3PM: Hidden River Arts readings >
  • MON Apr 15, 7PM: Monday Night Monologues#2 Shut Your Mouth.....The Teenage Monologues >
  • TUE Apr 16, 7PM: Short stories: Baby Boys; Mamas, don't let them grow up to be…#2>
  • WED Apr 17, 8PM START:Twilight Zone Episodes >
  • THU Apr 18, 7PM: Philly Improv Theater featuring the art of Don Martinelli>
  • FRI Apr 19, 7PM: Fred Siegel, Magician >
  • SAT Apr 20, 8PM START: OverKnight Theatre >
  • SUN Apr 21, 7PM: Poetry Night (evening) >
  • MON Apr 22, 7PM:Monday Night Monologues#3, I've got Mono.....Young People's ramblings>
  • TUE Apr 23, 8PM START: CABARET DE LOS ECLECTICOS! Anything Goes...>
  • WED Apr 24, 7PM:Men & their place in the world, round 2; Short plays written by men. Chris Davis, Quinn D. Eli, Josh McIlvain, Mark Wolverton, Kumar Dari Goonewardene and Mark Knight >
  • THU Apr 25, 7PM: ETC Theater; Don't just sit there - stand up! >
  • FRI Apr 26, 7PM: FROM A WOMAN'S POINT OF VIEW: Short plays by women: Debra Leigh Scott, Robin Rodriguez, Cat Hasson West, Kate McGrath & Joy Cutler.>
  • SAT Apr 27, 7PM: The Denise Shubin Night>
  • SUN Apr 28: Deep Cleaning / home improvement day; everyone pitches in, then PARTY TIME!>