Shubin April Fest 2012

By Shubin Theatre (other events)

18 Dates Through Apr 29, 2012

Tues, Apr 24, 7pm,  'The Drunk Mexican Lion'  Chris Davis meets a lion
-> Weds, Apr 25, 
-> 7pm, 'DATE #3: THE HUG GOOD NIGHT' by Alex Dremann
-> 8pm  'Candy Candy - a staged reading of a new play by Chris Davis' 
Thurs, Apr 26, 7pm, 'Overnight Shakespeare: Stand-up Shakespeare' PLUS cheese, booze & discussion
Fri, Apr 27, 8pm, 'Discovering SagaCity': Women playwrights on the trials and truths of being female.
Sat, Apr 28, 8pm, 'The Music of Love': A delightful musical revue ranging from Mozart to Sondheim
Sun, Apr 29, 4pm, 'Purple Girl' by Debra Leigh Scott, (playreading)


If you bought an all-access pass, don't forget to call (215) 592-0119 to give us a heads-up when you're coming to see a show.